How’d I end up here?

Get fucked, another blog! I know, I know, brutal, I’ll keep the posts as streamlined as I can and hopefully entertaining. Was a horrible student of English so if my grammar is shitful, blame it on the fact my parents were too poor to send me to private schooling.

Early years; so the story goes, mum came home one day to find me sitting on my father’s knee, folded race paper in hand, yelling “Ya, ya, pssssst, get up you bastard.” That was the final straw for her, they split up when I was nearing three. Lame attitude mum, obviously didn’t understand how much better your horses run if you yell loud shit at the TV. Anyway, in my blood, sign of the future, possibly.

Young know it all; punted on every Melbourne Cup since I can remember. I was the kid at school that took the sweep stakes from the paper in and collected money. Dad was always solid each year, giving me $20 to spend on the race. Remember a nice little heater around the time Rogan Josh won the cup (1999), picked the winner four years in a row. High school, hello girls, all things sport and Texas Hold’em poker. Didn’t take me long and I soon had an edge in the game, eating the best food from tuck shop errrday.

Flown the nest; moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland, been here ever since. On the gambling front, this is where things started to get serious. 18th birthday was spent on the turps the night before, poker all day while still 17, 364 days old, more turps while playing and then walking into Jupiter’s casino at midnight. I remember playing anything and everything, until I don’t remember anything, BLACKOUT. Luckily, my mate had skull dragged me out of the place when I was up, well up. Now it’s not a lot to me, but it’s all relative. Back then for an 18 y.o. living cheque to cheque $3,000 was a big deal. Best part was, now I knew how easy it was to make money, if I’m ever short of cash, I’ll be going to the casino for a top up.

Growing up, a little; the plan with going to Jupiter’s when ever I was short didn’t work out well for me, needless to say. I never liked poker machines, they seemed stupid so I never did any great damage in those early years on the punt. Hold’em comes to the casino, this will be easy, just like at high school. That plan didn’t work out for me either, needless to say. I knew the game, I was actually quite good at it, I had no patience though, too young in the head.

Recent times; I sold my equity in a great little company, with a business partner I have a ton of respect for, 40/40 Creative. Hardest thing I’ve done to date in my professional career. Bottom line, it wasn’t for me. I wanted to pursue a dream of playing poker, so I did and I am. Along with that I’m learning to trade on Betfair and betting on sports where I have an edge. I’ll basically bet on anything if I think I have an edge, simple as that. Living the dream, but it ain’t all rainbows and lollipops, let me tell you.

This blog is going to be full of all sorts, ranging from average shit to good shit, so pick and choose what you like, leave me some feedback or questions, if they are good, I’ll answer them.

Cheers Luke