What an abortion that trade was!

JESUS! What the hell? Last night was far from the “cruisy” sessions I’ve had trading of late, some bad variance early with a runner who’s never fallen going down over jumps kind of set the tone. I must admit though, trading was an after thought last night, so nowhere near the study and preparation I generally put in. The missus begged me to come to bed with her ūüėČ so I snuck out after she had fallen asleep. Now, I know what you’re all thinking and let’s get something clear before we move on; I wear the pants in the relationship, she just controls the zipper.

Getting to the abortion, Bath race, cost me $200!!! What tilted me so hard about this, was I had nailed the strategy. My play was to lay the horse as I figured he would settle out the back of the race somewhere/ had priors for missing starts. Then I wanted to back him at around 20% over the lay price. What was to follow was an absolute fucking disaster.

I fired in the lay just before they got the last horse in the stalls, matched! Calculated the back price, fired that in. Some of the back matched before the off, horse rears up, misses the start by three lengths, rest of the bet matched! Smiling, wait, what the fuck? I can see a red result if this horse wins now? My back bet had only been partially matched before the off and none in running when the horse missed the start. I hadn’t clicked the setting to keep the bet “live in-play” so it cancelled as the stalls opened, it didn’t match as I thought it had. What a NOOB, how could I make that mistake? No problem, I’ll just red out of this; click red out, horse runs to front now, shortens more, delete back bet. Try again; red out, horse runs further in front now, shortens more, delete back bet. Try again, red out, horse is 4 lengths in front coming out of the turn, shortens more. Horse wins by a mile, I lose $200 with steam blowing out of both ears.

How could I be so stupid? How could I miss seeing whether the back was fully matched or not? What an absolute rookie. I’m not happy, I’m really disappointed, I was fighting back hard after a tough start to the session, I was in the green and heading towards a nice little three figure sum profit for the day, now I’m in the red three figures, unbelievable.

Next race in 3 minutes,¬†no time to get too down, a couple of interesting runners in the next, plus the two after that have your NAP’s running in them. Sometimes life has¬†this funny little way of picking you right back up again, BING, BANG, BOOM. Little green and two beauties and we got the $200 back and then some.

Moral of the story? Few¬†I guess, if you fuck up a trade, don’t just throw your hands up, try and fix it, won’t always be able to do it, but try. If I could have “redded” out for -$100 I would have been up extra $100 last night. Sadly I couldn’t get matched the way the race panned out (rarely see horses do what this one did last night, see it here if you want¬†http://www.attheraces.com/racecard/Bath/02-September-2015/1720 FML!).

Second lesson is got to get back on the horse when things don’t go your way. See what I did there? Horse, eh? Yeah, you saw it.

Lastly,¬†preparation. It’s a must to have delved inside what ever discipline it is you are going to trade. There is still tons of little calls you make while you are in the heat of the battle, but having some good knowledge of what might happen in the war before you get into it is essential in my opinion.

Another green night,¬†ended up a positive story anyway, little green to add to my past couple, think that’s three on the trot now. I’ll explain¬†in another post soon what I’m doing with my bankroll etc. +$80

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Cheers Luke