Physical Start on Minimalism

A few weeks ago I watched “Minimalism, A Documentary About the Important Things”. Unknowingly, I had already headed off down the path of minimalism, I just didn’t have a name for it. Others have given me names when I’ve explained my reservation towards modern Christmas, birthday celebrations; Grinch and cunt swing to mind. Often my thoughts are misconstrued though, its not that I don’t like to give gifts, I love the feeling you get when you give gifts, the look on people’s faces fills me with great satisfaction. What I don’t enjoy is the commercialisation, high pressure, keeping up with the Jones’ type world we’re in. Physical gifts, although pleasant, I’d much prefer to give my time or put my money towards an experience. Something that you can remember long after the latest iPhone or Macbook has been surpassed by its younger, shinier, sibling. Also, when I give gifts, I prefer it to be a significant moment for me to do it, not a significant moment decided by marketers of products.

Obviously this concept isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. A few people throw out that this movement is for “rich white people”. Don’t understand where that comes from, I took different points from the doco than the next person who watches. To me (I’m white, not rich), minimalism isn’t a competition to see who can have the least things, its about removing items or habits from your life that don’t serve a purpose or meaning to your life. On top of that, there are no rules, there is no right or wrong way to approach this. If two new BMW cars provides you with purpose, go for it. If a junk draw with 500 random items in there provides your life with satisfaction, great! Its really just a mindset to me, my 30th is coming up, I’d sooner spend money on a bar tab and food for my friends and family to share in an experience than buy a car, but thats just me. Regardless of how you perceive the concept from the outside or take it on if you pick it up, I think its important to remember that you can make the rules on this concept and I like that.

Before today I had really just been thinking more about the concept. Today though, I tossed a bunch of shit off the balcony to take to the bin. The feelings were mixed, on one hand I felt like I should have been giving the items away to less fortunate. On the other hand, most of the items were faulty in some way. Some completely fucked, others had the whole “you need to know how to wiggle it to make it work” thing going on. Ultimately I threw them out as not to pass on junk. Was very refreshing to throw my almost new Epson printer off the balcony. Anyone who has had to deal with a printer that has fucked you off will know how painful it is. This relatively cheap printer I would have been lucky to print 50 pages from it before it completely shat the bed. Fuck it, its gone, smashed into 15 or more pieces after being dropped from 3 floors up. From now on I will just use Officeworks pre-paid printing system, its excellent and they are everywhere. I just got rid of a few things totally un-meaningful to me today, easing my way into it, lets see where this journey goes.

The whole concept has made me think about the way I live life even deeper. I’m questioning what the really important things in life are to me and making an effort to hold those closer to me and I feel good about that.

Cheers Mac