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Take Your Own Personal Golf Pro With You Every Round

When we have a bad round of golf, it’s natural for us to perhaps get a little frustrated and angry with ourselves, and the lack of consistency in our game. While I think this anger and frustration can be a good thing ‘after’ we’ve finished playing, simply because we can use it to drive us to focus on improving our golf swing, but during play, not so good.

However, it can really make a bad round worse, when it happens during a round of golf. It’s good to consider what the source of your problems might have been after you just finished a poor round, rather than trying to figure out the problems whilst you’re playing.

You probably already know the situation I am about to describe. You hit a bad shot and then you tell yourself that the next shot has to be better to compensate, and the pressure begins to mount. This pressure increases tension in your body, and of course your golfswing, and another bad stroke is the result.

Many people will be surprised to know that most of their problems originate from the way they’re holding their clubs. Along with the increasing pressure is a tendency to grip the clubs too hard. Tension, has a tendency to make us do that. Along with this tight grip we have on the club, comes a corresponding loss of control and ability to swing freely.

The ball starts flying in all directions, and the tension builds even more, until you look at your knuckles and they are white from the pressure. If your clubs had to breathe, you would have choked them to death by now.

Often when we play with other golfers, there’s likely someone in your group who will be more than willing to point out to you what they think you’re doing wrong, then give you their advise or tips on how to improve it. A lot of amateur golfers, often have their own golf tip and instruction that they reckon will fix your swing, advise that, isn’t necessarily always right, or welcome. It has happened to all of us at one time or another.

One tip that I thought ‘was’ a good idea, I took from another golfer who I recently had as a playing partner, he carried a simple list of instructions with him on the course, that he would read when his game started to fall apart, ‘smart golf to break 90′, just short memory joggers, reminders of good technique and what it is supposed to look and feel like, and at the top of his list was ‘don’t grip the clubs to tight’.

It’s a really good idea and simple too, and we all know about it, but this visual reminder was all that it would take to get his game back on the fairway, and ensure that the tension and pressure he experienced after an errant shot disappeared from the rest of his round.

This technique of having written tips and instructions to refer to was so powerful for him that several other golfers started using it. It’s a small addition to your bag, but can have a significant impact on your game. So, why not write a short list of issues you’re having with your swing, write the solution to that problem and carry it with you, it doesn’t need to be a huge list, why not include images of the proper technique as well, it might help. It’s like having your own personal golf pro walking with you and giving you the necessary tips and instructions when things begin to fall apart.

By referring back to those golf instructions and tips repeatedly, would allow you to focus on the next shot and release all the tension in your hands and muscles, that would otherwise creep into your game and ruin what could be a sub par round.

Why not try carrying your own list of ‘game savers’ around with you next time your on the golf course and don’t hesitate to read them at the first sign your game looks like falling apart, it can be an incredibly powerful technique for directing your focus and freeing up your swing. Make use of your Iphone in golf.

This small tip has helped many other golfers improve their on course performance, and when added to your arsenal can and will help you with your golf too.

As always, take and use what you need from golf instruction tips to become a better golfer, and if you think it worthy I’d really appreciate it if you would share this post below and leave your comments and questions too.

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