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Finding The Right Sport For You

For many people looking to take up a sport for the first time, the ideal choice should be one that combines a competitive edge with a social aspect to the best degree. With that in mind, golf is an ideal choice because it covers both factors perfectly.

Practicing and honing your skills for the game is also easy and it does’nt have to require a major investment in the first few weeks. As you decide whether the sport is right for you, you can spend as much or as little as you like in making the right selection.

The vast majority of golf courses these days have driving ranges on hand to help you get a feel for swinging a club. To get started here, all you need is a single club, other than a putter and a basic pair of golf shoes. Some courses will allow you on the driving range in trainers but others will have stricter requirements on footwear.

For a small fee you`ll be given a bucket of balls and can practice away until you become familiar with the mechanics of hitting the ball. Additionally, other courses will have putting greens and maybe even a sand trap where you can practice those tricky bunker shots.

From this point, you can opt to pay for some tuition from the club professional who can show you the right techniques and set you on the road to becoming the best golfer you can possibly be.

When it comes to playing a round of 18 holes, there is still a choice of municipal courses where you can book ahead and then turn up to play. However, to get the best out of the sport it is well worth joining a club.

There is a cliché image that suggests all golf clubs are very exclusive societies and have a long waiting list. This may be true in a very small minority of cases but most clubs are friendly and will welcome you straight away.

The benefits of membership will then give you full use of the clubhouse and locker rooms, together with any bars and restaurants. You can then play when you want and can join in with the club`s competitions if you so wish.

By this stage you would have chosen a set of clubs, clothing and any other equipment that you need to play. Naturally, this is a major investment so you should take the time to make sure those clubs are right for you and your game.

However, there is a huge choice on the market so there will be prices to suit all budgets.

Once you get into the game, you`ll realize just how much golf balances the social and competitive sides of sport and it arguably does this better than anything else.

So, if you haven`t played before, take time to get the feel of the game but when you want to truly experience the sport, try to get the best quality equipment you can.

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