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Driving Accuracy Off The Tee First Distance Will Follow

Most amateur golfers have one thing in mind, and that is to hit the golf ball as far as possible off the tee with their driver. Many never quite overcome this mental mindset and this is one of the reasons why they won’t get the desired distance from the tee that they are capable of hitting.

A seasoned golfer will practice for ‘accuracy’ off the tee first, then concentrate on gaining the distance once they have mastered the art of control.

There’s not much point trying to drive long yards off the tee if the ball is going to end up on another fairway or worse, in the rough. All that is often achieved is making the following shots into the green all the more difficult.

A drive down the center of the fairway, with a slight draw or a fade, albeit a few meters shorter than you would perhaps like, will set you up for a better approach shot into the green and ultimately a lower round score.

Aim to utilize about 80% of your full swing power or slightly less with more controlled swings. As a result you will gain better control of your shots sooner, and of course better balance, timing and rhythm will inevitably lead to increased accuracy and the longer distances we all desire. In the process you will be learning correct techniques that will hold you in good stead for the rest of your playing career.

By developing accuracy first, you will also be lengthening the distance of your drives and will in fact hit the ball further.

Starting with a lower swing speed and rhythm, will be easier to train your body to develop the correct technique and posture, and these actions will contribute to your progress to obtaining longer drives.

Over time as you master your swing, you can progress to a full swing when needed, knowing that you will have the control to hit the golf ball in the right direction consistently. This combination of correct technique and a rhythmic golf swing, will ensure you are able to hit the ball further than would be possible if you had only aimed for huge distance from the tee at the outset.

Quite often amateur golfers find their tee shots are going wayward, usually way right, it would be wise then to focus more energy on control with a rhythmic, balanced golf swing, even if that means limiting your swing power until you are hitting the ball where you want, into the middle of the fairway.

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