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Improving sports performance with collagen supplements


What is collagen? What are the health benefits of collagen peptides? Let’s start from the beginning.

The attitude of the general public towards personal health and fitness has vastly changed lately. More and more people are hitting the gym, taking a yoga class, and engaging in sports activities. These people are highly motivated, focussed, and regular too.

Along with this, the associated change is that people are becoming more informed about sports health and nutrition. They are looking forward to products that will help them endure, sustain, and eventually grow their physical levels of activity.

It has brought about a new development in the industry of sports nutrition. The industry that was initially only limited to protein supplements now has to provide for the various increased demands of the customers. Taking benefit of this opportunity, the industry has specifically designed and launched collagen products for their multiple health benefits.

Collagen peptides: the next generation ingredient in sports nutrition

Why have collagen supplements taken over the market? Collagen is a class of proteins. Collagen proteins are the essential structural compounds of the connective tissues in our body. 

Due to regular physical activity, body structures like tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones undergo damage in the form of wear and tear. As mentioned above, collagen is the essential protein in the connective tissues. Therefore, if taken as a supplement, it provides regeneration and elasticity to these connective tissues.

Peptan is a type 1 collagen peptide taken as a food supplement. It provides two-fold benefits to the body. Firstly, owing to its unique structure of amino acids, it provides building blocks and facilitates protein synthesis. Secondly, it also acts as a bioactive peptide supplement. These exert a messenger function on the target cells. Due to this, the process of renewing bodily tissues and the musculoskeletal structure is accelerated. It highly reduces the risk of injury, which in turn enhances athletic performance.

Recently a clinical trial was conducted in which 24 young men received a daily dose of 20-gram Peptan for nine days. It was observed that this proved beneficial to the men in improving sports performance.

Promoting Sports Recovery

Collagen enhance benefits are not limited only to accelerated connective tissue built-up and increased and enhanced athletic performance. The benefits of collagen also cover recovery from the injuries sustained by the athletes during the sport.

Cartilages and bone, along with muscles, are the building blocks of the body. The entire skeleton of the body is based on these structures. These structures help the body maintain a specific shape, size, and posture. These basic building blocks of the body are composed of calcium and proteins. However, these primary components of the skeleton are not indestructible. There has been enough research done which shows that these structures undergo wear and tear during physical activity.

The pressure exerted on these structures during physical activity reduces the collagen levels and increases the risk of injury and inflammation of the joints. The International Olympic Committee also has highlighted the importance of collagen in sports nutrition. 

The IOC, on sports nutrition, maintains that collagen peptide supplements increase the production of collagen. The various implications of this are a speedy recovery of injuries, decreased joint discomfort, and the ability to participate and assist in sports training activities actively. It also ensures decreased soreness in the muscles and better and less painful management of the injuries.

Boosting Joint Health

Joints are the structures that offer mobility to the body. The joints primarily consist of bones, cartilage, synovial membrane, ligaments, tendons, bursas, synovial fluid, meniscus, etc. These are complex structures that depend on one another and come together to form a joint. There are various types of joints. They can be classified as ball-and-socket joints, hinge joints, pivot joints, and ellipsoidal joints. Different types of joints offer different kinds of functionalities. According to their necessity and convenience, they are strategically located in the skeleton of the human body. However, these joints are always prone to injuries like spraining, dislocation, etc. Physical activities and sports further increase this risk.

Collagen supplements ensure good joint health. Peptan IIm is a hydrolyzed collagen type 2 matrix. It offers immense help for joint recovery and health. It is specifically designed to provide multiple benefits to joint health. It is extracted from a natural source. To increase the benefits, it also contains a matrix of glycosaminoglycan components (GAGs). GAG is a hydrolyzed type II matrix. It has been proven time and again that GAG protects cartilage, provides cushioning and lubrication to the joints along with reducing the inflammation that might have incurred due to strenuous physical activity.

Providing Tailored Nutritional Solutions With Peptan

Rousselot has been providing supplements for athlete’s performance for a long time. It is an integral part of the industry. It has continuously modified itself according to the changing needs of the sports, changing needs of the athletes, changing patterns of physical injuries associated with sports, and discoveries in the field of health sciences.

As mentioned above, collagen supplements are the future of sports nutrition. With artificial and synthetic supplements doing more harm than good to the athletes and bringing in a lot of side effects, collagen peptides offer a natural and efficient way of facilitating excellent nourishment to the bones and the cartilages along with speedy recovery from injuries and inflammation.

The Peptan product range is produced and marketed by Rousselet. It provides safe and traceable ingredients that help to provide healthcare benefits that are based on scientific research and experiments.

The brand is established, trustable, reliable, and safe. It thus allows nutraceutical manufacturers to cater to a diverse consumer group. The customers range from high-performance athletes to recreational users. Are peptides illegal in sport? Not! Peptan follows all the norms proposed and implemented by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).


The benefits of collagen are innumerable and without any side effects. Collagen, being the primary building block in the formation of bones, ligaments, and tendons, efficiently facilitates their growth and repairs injury. It has proven to be a boon to athletes. Indeed, collagen peptide supplements are the future of the sports nutrition industry.

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