What is planet sport betting margin?

When setting the odds, bookmakers take into account their commission (about 2-8%). Due to it, the bookmakers receive income regardless of the bet ratio. 

The word is taken from the French “marge”, which means “profit” or “advantage”. It accurately reflects the essence – bookmakers earn not only on losses, but also due to this very commission. If there weren’t one, then there would be exactly 2 odds for equivalent bivariate events (for example, “who starts from the center of the field” in football). However, no bookmaker has such a thing; the value for such a bet 1.85 – 1.92. Thus, if users bet the same amount on both of these outcomes, the bookmaker will be in the black.

Bookmaker status

Bookmakers are divided into 2 types:

  • Fundamental – these are the large legal companies with many active users. If we talk about Europe, these are organizations connected to the CUPIS system: “Fonbet”, “Parimatch”, etc.
  • Low margin – mostly young bookmakers, actively attracting new customers due to high ratios. These may include some legal bookmakers, for example, “Planet sport”.

Line type – prematch or live

Betting margin in live is higher than in prematch. This is because it is more difficult to calculate the probability of outcomes in real time. However, sometimes there is a reverse situation, when the bookmaker’s commission on the major markets is reduced.

Number of options

As a rule, quotes are lower for two-option markets than for three-option ones. This is due to the banal probability theory. By choosing the bet consisting of two variants of events, you have more chances to win.

Types of markets within a single event

There are 3 types of markets:

Large – they include outcomes (P1, Х and P 2) and average (i.e. where quotes are closer to 2.0) of the value of handicaps and totals.Average – other ranges of handicaps and totals, “both teams will score”, whitewash, outcomes + total.

Small – bets on statistics, additional bets, etc.

The highest ratios are made on large markets, and the lowest- on the small ones. This gradation is associated with the difficulty of calculating the sportaways bookmaker margin. It is much easier to calculate the probability of P1, than, for example, odds (-2.5) on an outsider.

However, quotes are not always subject to this rule. Sometimes, commission for large markets may be higher than for the small ones. 

Bookmakers distribute margin as they wish. Therefore, sometimes the commission for three-option outcomes may be lower than for two-option ones, although this is contrary to the rules. The ability to calculate it independently will allow you to choose the most profitable markets. It also permits you to choose a bookmaker. The level of coefficients is the main criterion for choosing the bookmaker.

Type of sport and tournament status

According to statistics, about 90% of bets among the users accounts for championships. Therefore, the bookmakers are forced to raise quotes in order to gain their market share.

Odds for amateur and semi-professional championships are much lower. This is due to the difficulties of analytics and the fact that fixing-matches are more likely to happen in the low-level leagues. Low odds are a sort of insurance.

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