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Common bein sport live strategies

The essence of live total betting strategy in football is to choose the right time frame for betting. In live with a score of 0: 0, the odds on over will always be higher, and they will rise every minute. If you intend to take over, it is advisable to do it in live. According to statistics, the lowest amount of goals is scored in the first 15 minutes. Therefore, you can catch a higher odd.  If someone scores in the opening game, the player will not lose anything except the opportunity to make a bet.

Individual under in matches with a clear outsider

When a championship leader meets with one of the outsiders, low odds are offered on over, and high odds, accordingly, on under. Quotes look logical, because in 80% of cases, favorites achieve confident victories over underdogs. However, this doesn’t always happen. For example, when a favorite has a breakaway, he can play half strength. Or he will have an important match with a competitor in the championship or in European competitions.

One of the common under betting strategies in bein sport live is to search for games in which the favorite will “serve” the number.

For this purpose, tournament motivation, the state of leaders and recent results are analyzed. Example: 26th tour of Premier League, “Norwich” – “Liverpool”. Guests lead in the championship, and the hosts close the standings. The lines of all bookmakers on over (2.5) had odds of less than 1.45. However, the match ended 1:0 in favor of the “red devils”. It was possible to bet (1.5) on under with the odds of 5.50 – 5.80 depending on the bookmaker. Despite the quotes, grassroots football in this match was predictable:

  • “Liverpool” had a return match with “Atletico” in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. The wards of Jürgen Klopp had to save their energy.
  • “Norwich”, despite the status of the owners, tried to “dry” the game due to the difference in class.
  • “Liverpool” had an amazing breakaway in the Premier League, so it didn’t have to strain during such matches

Bets on a goal after the 75th minute

This is another variation of football total betting strategies in live.

In the period from the 75th to the 90th minute, clubs score an average of 15-25% of the goals.

This is due to the fact that the defenders are tired by this time, and it is easier for “fresh” forwards to beat or outrun them. Coaches rarely change center defenders, so by the final 15 minutes, the forward players are in the best shape.

When deciding on a penalty or a red card, some arbitrators act collectively. If the defenders often violated “on the verge of a foul”, then by the end of the game there is more chance that the judge will appoint an 11-meter or remove the rude defender.

When you can take over

Let’s consider how to bet on total over in detik sport correctly. The player’s task is to find the values, i.e. overvalued odds. There is no point in taking total over (1.5) for 1.15 in the Dutch championship. Less obvious encounters need to be found through analysis.

Situations when the bets on total over are profitable:

  • Goalkeeper substitutions. Spare goalkeepers are under pressure. Therefore, there is a risk of a goalkeeper error.
  • Forwards and attacking midfielders are in good shape.
  • Central defenders’ rotation. Substitutions may be caused by injuries or excess of yellow cards. Rotation in this line leads to a decrease in mutual understanding. As a result, the defenders are mistaken when creating an artificial offside in other game moments.

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