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Cheating in sportaways betting

One of the most common ways to cheat in sports betting is the promotion of the bookmaker’s account. The scheme is as follows:

  • Cappers offer trust sportaways account management. Cooperation assumes that the client provides access to the account at the bookmaker and replenishes the account.
  • A fraudster must place bets from this account. The profit is divided (50:50).

For example, a customer makes a deposit of $200.000, the capper increases the bank to $280.000 in a week, i.e. the net profit was $80.000, and the latter takes half of this amount.

Most such “specialists” position themselves as cappers with the win rates of over 70%. Some claim to own insides, i.e. information from the camp of teams, which allows you to better predict the results of matches. In this, they work only with five-digit amounts. According to them, it makes no sense to work with accounts with less than $100.000. It sounds tempting, but in fact, the following happens:

An attacker makes risk bets with odds of 2 and higher. In this, the bet amount is often 25-30% from the bank. It is profitable for a fraudster to act quickly before the deceived “client” has come around. Therefore, he plays to the maximum.

In theory, it can even increase the bank by making your profit.

Encouraged by such success, a cheated person makes another deposit to increase profits. In especially deplorable cases, he/she takes a loan for this.

In the end, the fraudster leaks the entire bank. He uses the standard phrases as excuses: “bets are risk”, “sorry, it’s not my lucky day”, etc.

What happens – the client spends the money on his/her first deposit and pays interest in case of win. The fraudster didn’t lose anything, because he/she played for other people’s money. If a defrauded user begins to threaten and complain, a woe-capper blocks him/her or deletes his/her account.

Conclusion: account promotion is 100% cheating in sports betting. Forecasters who are able to give out a high win rate and make money on bets exist. However, there are only a few of them, like Planet Sport Asia. And they certainly won’t do such nonsense as the promotion of someone else’s account.

Investments in betting

Such projects have different names – betting fund, sports investment bank (SIB), etc. They have one essence – a proposal to develop a bankroll for playing in a bookmaker. Allegedly, professional capper can deal with it. The profit from his game will be distributed among the participants of the fund, in proportion to their investments.

As an advertisement, fraudsters show statistics (fictional, of course) with a high percentage of the bets won. Some claim to have information about match-fixing.  The scheme is similar to the previous one, but more cynical, because deceived people transfer funds without any confirmation. Unfortunately, there are many gullible people, and even more players who want “passive income”.

After the deceived user transfers the money to the “fund”, the events can develop in two scenarios:

Fraudsters block him or delete his/her accounts.

The above contacts and full name are fictitious.

Deceived investors have no one to complain about.

At first, the “fund” pays dividends to its “investors”, talking about the amazing cross-country bets. As a rule, the size of these dividends is much smaller than the initial contributions. The goal of scammers is to convince their victims that the fund is profitable and motivate them to make a greater contribution. If they succeeded, the same thing as in the first paragraph happens after the transfer of money.

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