Championship bein sport classification

Before betting on total in football, you need to study the average performance of the championship. Moreover, you need to study the average performance of the championship.

High performance championships: Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS (US championship), Eredivisie, Primera, Serie A and Österreichische Fußball-Bundesliga. In these countries, 3 or more goals are usually scored per match.

Note: performance of the Spanish “Primera” it is provided mainly due to “Barcelona”, “Real” and “Sevilla”, who smash their rivals in every third round.

Average performance (2-3 for the game): RPL, League 1, Turkish Süper Lig, Swiss Super League and The Belgian First Division A.

Low performance (up to 2): NFL, Brazilian Serie A, Belarusian championship and Scottish Premier League.

In the first group of bein sport championships, over (2.5) or “both will score” are good, in the third, vice versa – under (2.5), as 3 goals in these leagues are scored extremely rarely. The average performance is reflected in quotes. In the Bundesliga match, there will be averages for over 2.5, and the odd will be about 1.50. If you take under (2.5) in Belorussian League, bookmakers will offer about 1.6-1.65.

The performance detik news data shown are average for championships. Not everyone fits into these statistics. Thus, in 2019/2020 season, “Celtic” scored 89 goals in 30 rounds (2.96 per match).

Let’s consider the features of forecasting total in betting on football. The main goal of analysis is to predict the number of goals scored.

For this, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Defense and attack status
  • Tournament motivation
  • Statistics of recent matches
  • Match application.
  • Level of the opponents.

Impact of weather

During rain or snow, it is more difficult for attack group players to demonstrate their qualities. It’s more difficult to move through mud and puddles, and a wet ball constantly flies off the feet. Everyone who has played football at least once understands what we’re taking about. In such situations, it is better to focus on under. Weather conditions have almost no effect on the quotes.

This thesis is relevant in matches held in non-modern arenas. There is no drainage system in conditional PFL at the stadiums. There are most roof stadiums in top leagues.

In rain matches, teams focused on long shots take advantage. Slippery ball is difficult to fix. Therefore, goalkeepers often beat it in front of them, which allows attackers to count on a rebound.


During rainfall in open stadiums, it is better to take under.

In such matches, individual over looks good for a club, which includes players who can beat from long distances.


This component is more complicated, as there is no single rule. The average number of offsides depends on the model of team play. Still, some common points can be highlighted:

  • If there are clubs of different levels, there are usually few offsides. In such situations, the conditional underdog defends ten with his own penalty area. In such situations, defenders are pressed against the goal, and creating an artificial offside is difficult. In such situations, it is better to take under on the offsides.
  • It is important to consider the format of the forwards. Fleet-footed forwards (like Mbappé or Smólov) remain on the defensive line and often end up “in the offside position”. In turn, huge forwards (such as Dzyuba) try to push the defenders or put pressure in someone else’s penalty area. Such a model rarely leads to offsides.

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