Footy is back and not a moment too soon. This is always a good time of year on the punt and if the first handful of rounds is anything to go by, I’m on track for my biggest haul yet. I’m certainly more skilled than I was 12 months ago and my bankroll is larger too, so good signs. My results could easily be 2 or 4k better as I’ve had a number of middles now that haven’t hit the fuckers. Regardless, this has been a great start and I’m really looking forward to moving through the rest of the seasons in both codes.

Lady luck has been a good girl lately. Last week a couple of calls were big swings to me and I’m not sure I didn’t get the “rub of the green” on both to be honest. The first one was in the Broncos v Cowboys thriller at Suncorp. I won’t describe what happened as I’m sure most saw it (watch here if you didn’t). The Thurston no try and ensuing field goal was a $3.2k swing. Think my book was something like -$1800 Cowboys and +$1400 Broncos, was a roller coaster of emotions that last 10 minutes. I’m in a group chat with a bunch of my mates from school, they’re all Broncos supporters. I think I said some things that I didn’t mean about “loving the Broncos, Queensland & Milford”, but lots of silly things are said in the heat of the battle. That Milford is pretty handy though.

The other decision that went my way was in the Raiders v Titans game. There was a dubious decision after the siren in that one that netted me about $500 extra dollars. I guess the real difference with that swing was my book was green on both results (I couldn’t lose), I had layed the Raiders at $1.03 for a bit of comedy green and it paid dividends when the Titans crashed over in the dying stages. One of my mates, a long suffering Raiders fan had them as the last leg of a few multis, poor prick. As he often says “that’s the Raiders”, jokes aside, they are a good looking outfit, love that Austin bloke, must be right in contention for origin you’d think.

AFL has started well, except for Richmond those pricks. This side is so painful to me as I really try to like them and love them. I want them to do well, Bec and her family go for them, her father is the biggest fiend for the Tiges and the grin on its head when they’re going well is infectious. Doubt there is many AFL fans that wouldn’t love to see them get a flag. Remember the “encouragement award” at school and club sports? Thats Richmond FC, every year. The weekend just gone against Collingwood was a new low and my hatred for them reached a new high. How the fuck these pricks lost that game I’ll never know, but they did and I was left with nothing but hope that they all died in a plane crash on their next away game. They were involved in a heist on my overs bet the week before with Carlton too as that missed by half a point. I got reimbursed by Bet365 with the epic promo they have running at the moment (Footy Bonanza), but thats not the point. I can’t forgive moments like Riewoldt marking 40 out on a 45 degree angle deciding to play on, snap, kick the fat side of the footy and score nothing. Go back and kick a drop punt, cunt. Then those two big retards Hampson & Casboult kicking behinds from 20m out right in front, death to the infidels.

Racing is on its last legs. Its sad because I have worked a lot of things out and it feels like its close to being a profitable trading market for me. The old saying goes “men and woman lie, numbers don’t” and at this stage the numbers are telling a horror story. I did some filtering the other day and found that I’ve lost about $8k lifetime trading horses. If you crack it, that sort of money can be recovered very quickly, I can’t continue to throw good money after bad though. Sooner or later you have to pull the pin and realise when you’re beat. I still have one good crack left in me and there are some markets where I perform well, I could find myself sticking to that, I’ll keep everyone posted.

New cock pit is on its way, exciting times. I have no real clue of the power of what I bought but people much nerdier than me tell me this computer I’ve bought is “a beast”. All I know is, I’m going to have 6 monitors going at once and that is going to be fucking awesome. With the help of my bestie and builder extraordinaire Tye Christensen from TCC Homes (shameless plug) it will be wall to wall action. No more worrying about lack of screen space, I’ll be able to have sport, Excel, Geeks Toy and PornHub all open at once now, no more having to play favourites. Pictures to come after its all installed.

+$7,289.70, account balance +$15069.70

Cheers Luke

Betfair trading profit and loss new high point
Higher highs on the trading graph which is pleasing.
Each individual bet I've made on Betfair and other bookmakers
Footy season is back with a bang.
New cockpit set up I'm going for. 6 monitors in portrait
Probably going to go triple portrait set up, better for ladders.

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