Yewwwwww, turning it around. I knew some things were coming together at the end of my last money update. Still humble, still know there is much more to learn, but things coming together for me which gives you added motivation to press on. Pleasing! Both the footy seasons are back and that means its time to make some money. This period is by far my best financially at the moment so it will be head down bum up with the AFL starting this weekend.

Horse racing mistakes are becoming less and less frequent. It’s down to around one or two bad trades now per day which eat up the fat part of my profit. Once I can eliminate that I will be rolling. About a week ago I started an excel spreadsheet which is manually tracking every trade I make. Not just per market, per individual entry and exit during the race. Its been INCREDIBLE! I will be doing this for all markets I trade from now on, it really allows you to see whats working, but maybe more importantly, whats not working. Its not crazy in depth, but it allows me to extract some very handy shit.

I haven’t had a drink for 31 days, not since returning from Vietnam. Hard to tell if its the placebo effect or not, but I feel a lot better. Better sleep, better head space, better motivation and better focus while trading. I’m not doing it for any particular time frame, just as long as I want to. I probably haven’t done it before this for fear of the social aspect of “having a beer”. I think a lot of people feel that way as they have “shit chat” when they aren’t drinking. For me though, I’m able to interact comfortably and still have fun while being sober. That said I went to a 21st when I was about 7 days in and I wanted to commit a mass murder, was still getting used to it I guess. Some people just annoy the fuck out of you sober or not, think its magnified when you’re sober though. Will keep you updated on the sobriety if anything changes or milestones are achieved.

I missed some great games and the biggest racing day last weekend, so the weekly total could have been a lot better. Instead of trading I went camping at North Stradbroke Island with a few friends. Had a great time, great crew, plenty of laughs and surprisingly, very little boozing. Usually I would say that there would be heaps of grog on a trip like that, but this time around we just did a lot of other shit; rod fishing, spear fishing, cooking, swimming, surfing and playing fetch with everyones favourite dog “Hank”. It was really easy to do on short notice for a few nights, be revisiting the option next summer. I usually bunker down over the football season but considering AFL starts this upcoming week I thought I would go and enjoy the outdoors before working my ass off for the next 6 months.

+$663.06, account balance +$7780

Cheers Luke

Betfair trading graph back in the winners circle
Back in the winners circle.
Individual trades and bets mostly with Betfair
Individual trades, great to have the footy back.

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