Fair to say this hasn’t been my best period. I can’t point to one specific reason for it either, seems like a lot of annoying little things that have added up. I haven’t lost my shit with the staking which is good (on the professional front anyway) and that’s probably the main reason that I’m not further behind. Shit got a little twisted at the Turf Club for Magic Millions day, but that was fun money, hardly anything professional about that punting at all, but I did drop $2,300 drunk laying every favourite I could. When 9 out of 10 of those favourites won, I took the gas. I didn’t include that in my ledger as it has nothing to do with what I’m doing in a professional light, it was for my entertainment (mind you wasn’t much entertaining about dropping $2,300).

I guess the biggest thing that’s hurting me is still the short form of cricket. Sadly even a pitch siding bit of fun at the Gabba last week resulted in a loss on the spreadsheet. Betfair went down for around 45 seconds while I had an open position. I called to close out; but it was too late, Ben “Cuntting” added another point on the list as to why I hate him when he was clean bowled while I was on the blower. FML. That cost me $600, I was able to claw that back to $180 down on the match, but still, even when I’m ahead of everyone in time; things weren’t going my way.

I am working on the shorter form everyday, I watch the market every day, I learn things every day, its really about putting those into practice. I do have a good group of people that are helping me which I’m thankful for. If trading is something you are trying your hand at on your own, in my opinion you’re doing it wrong. A network is super important, bounce different ideas off each other, different entry points, it makes a big difference.

I felt like I made a small break through last night in the Big Bash. After a debrief with one guy who is helping me; we settled on a few key points I really needed to focus on. I’d say these are things I’ve chatted through before, but this time I wasn’t going to rely on my head to remember them all. I created myself a “cheat sheet”, now when I’m trading T20 matches this sits open on my desktop. Last night was the first time I used it and it was the first green book I’ve had this BBL on the ladders, so that’s pleasing. Too small a sample to say I’ve cracked the Da Vinci code, but it’s a start.

Despite the less than favourable time on the punt, I had a fun week last week. Thanks to the team at Betfair VIP Services, myself and a +1 were invited to come along to Magic Millions Day at the Gold Coast Turf Club. I took a mate who dabbles in trading and loves a punt on the nags. Thursday we attended the horse sales themselves, then into Broadbeach for a private function. Saturday it was the big race day in the “Jewel VIP Marquee”. What an event this was, everything was really done superbly. The location at the track was unbelievable and the Gold Coast turned on the weather for it.

I’m leaving for Vietnam at the start of February, so I have 20 days left to turn it around, get back up over the $10k mark and start to surge ahead again. Been a bit stuck of late but at least I feel like I’m making some headway on the trading front, even if the results of late haven’t been there. I read an interesting quote the other day and quite enjoyed it. Don’t know who it’s by and don’t care really; “if you’re sick of starting over again, then stop giving up.” Happy trading and good luck.

-$1174 on the week, account balance +$9,373.

Cheers Luke

Betfair profit and loss from trading
Far from the best little period I’ve had. A bunch of things have lead to this, putting some of it down to “learning money”, other things I need to get tidied up quickly and be better. Every little bit counts, it’s either +EV or -EV, no in between.

Betfair profit and loss chart tanking a little on me

Betfair Magic Millions at Gold Coast Turf Club
All the bits and pieces from Betfair for our weekend at the Gold Coast Turf Club for Magic Millions. Thanks to Josh, Bella and the team for inviting me and all the work that went in to organising that.
Betfair and Magic Millions horse sales on the Gold Coast
At the Magic Millions sales, the average lot price was $189,000, the biggest sale was $1.1 million the day we were there. The other end of the scale was more to our liking with the cheapest going for $15,000.
The pavilion had a buffet section for Magic Millions race day 2016
The buffet area of the pavilion. The food was pretty outstanding, mind you, wasn’t much eaten by Robbie and myself.
The Champagne was flowing like water, a lot less nudity than I thought there would be with so many people getting drilled on the bubbly.
We were seated in this area on the left.
The girl’s old man is a 25 year Richmond member and would probably do bad things to this man. Had to grab a quick selfie with this legend. I’m reliably informed he’s kicked the most goals at “The G”. Probably the most behinds too.
Little outdoor area for people to enjoy.
Fashion at Magic Millions day on the Gold Coast
“It’s fashion darling”.
The viewing area of the mounting yard was first class.
Pretty sure that cunt of a thing there cost me $600, I layed it, fail!
Accidental selfie, but things starting to get a little wild from here onwards.
Sliders to finish off the day and help the drunks at Magic Millions on the Gold Coast.
Luckily the “shrewdies” at Gold Coast turf club had sliders to finish off the day and sober up the piss wrecks.


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