Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Hard to believe another year is done and dusted. Sadly it means I’m another step closer to thirty, “you old as shit”. Its late for me to update the week just gone,  I had always intended to drop my trading updates back to monthly once I had a decent amount of initial ramblings on the site. What better time to drop it back than the festive season, where; I’ve been full of piss, food and bad manners.

So, wrapping up last week, I got stuck for a small 4 figure sum. In typical fashion I went into “hero mode” with confidence at an all-time high, only to be knocked off my perch very quickly in one foul swoop. Really, I shouldn’t have stepped up the stakes in BBL. Because; I’m fucking shit. Its not my most successful format (yet), I am working hard on improving that. I wasn’t that disappointed with my decision, I think at worst it was a break even play, the real mistake was in the amount of exposure. Slow learner this kid.

I followed standard protocol in the Aussie Test, backing any overs bets I could really. Those side bets allowed me to scrape back about $300 and limit the damage on the week. On one hand; it shits me that I haven’t been able to take full advantage of this BBL season. On the other hand I’m quickly reminded that this trading journey is younger than a girl touched by Rolf Harris. Truth is; this is the first BBL where I’ve watched the markets while the game is on. I can’t be expected to know everything, I need to just grind away, stay in the game, protect my bankroll and in a years time I will be far better equipped to stack some chips.

This week has been a lot better results wise, mostly because I didn’t shit $1,500 down the drain in one trade/ bet. What I’ve always been amazed with in poker and now trading alike is; just how quickly the green adds up. This week so far has been made up mostly of totals bets with a little bit of work on the ladders too. I also finally landed my first top bat bet with the Bet365 promo; my man Michael Klinger, wish he got a chance earlier this summer for Australia, rather than Stan Darsh (Shaun Marsh), but the selectors know best.

Dan Christian and I had some banter on the ‘Twitisphere’ yesterday. If you didn’t see it then click on the link below and have a read. My original tweet was aimed at Feldman after one of the worst bowling efforts in cricket since @leantothewind’s effort for the mighty “Fitzroy C.C” one Saturday. Dan however stepped in for Feldman and each of us fired shots across the bow.

$1282.05 on the week, account balance +$9455

+$1089 on the week, account balance +$10544

Cheers Luke

Betfair profit and loss graph for the week

Betfair profit and loss graph

Betfair individual trades made
These are the individual bets and trades I made last week. Was really disappointing to drop $1500 in one play, without that could have had another green week. Lesson learned, again.
Summing up the current week with the individual plays I've made.
This is the individual plays from the current week. This is wrapping up the month and year as from now on I will be posting monthly updates of my account balance. I will probably post more than once a month but the other posts won’t be about the amount I’ve won or lost as such.

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