Guess it was always going to happen; me getting white girl wasted at some stage in Melbourne. But even I couldn’t have imagined an end to a night like this. I guess the 8.5% Belgian beers and shots of Tequila were always going to turn a night out into a nightmare.

Things started to get tricky when we (Bec and I) couldn’t work out how to open the security coded door at the place where we were staying. Eventually, we decided that we would get an Uber to the closest motel (who stays in motels any more by the way). Upon arriving, the night started to repeat on me as I lay slumped on the side walk spewing mostly on the footpath, but occasionally on my shoulder.

Bec went to find us a room; no dice! The disappointing news must have given me one of those “drunken moments of clarity”, as sharpened up to help resolve the issue at hand. I spotted a fire hose in the car park of said motel; I then used that hose to clean out the mouth and clean off the shoulder.

“Stop you can not use that, put that down”. I turned around to see a small Asian man swiftly moving towards me through the car park. Obviously, I didn’t appreciate his view towards me using the hose, because; I paused for a moment before turning the tap from low to high and drenching him. He eventually got to me and we continued to wrestle for control of the hose; by now we are both saturated. Bec is now yelling for us to “stop” and getting rogue sprays from the fire hose.

After agreeing to turn off the hose together and relinquishing control, Bec and I returned to where we were staying. After speaking to the owner of the place, it was so simple; the code had been put in wrong and the “C” for “clear” needed to be pushed before putting in the correct code. So fucking simple, if only we knew.

With this story in mind; you can appreciate how little I was involved with the markets this week. I did end up making a little while watching the last few days of the 2nd Test between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. I have also been taking advantage of the Bet365 Big Bash Promotion as I mentioned I would be last week. Sadly, I have had maybe 5 or 6 Hi-Bat bets and failed to land one, so that hasn’t been as lucrative as I’d hoped, possible change of tactic coming up there.

Also, a Christmas gift for us both. 3 months ago I joined ING Bank after a friend referred me to them. Basically this account is fucking unreal, it gives you:

  1. 2% cash back on ALL “PayWave” transactions
  2. No ATM fee’s, regardless of which bank or which ATM (including the massive rort independent ones that charge $2.50+)
  3. No monthly account keeping fee

Also, at the moment, if you join up with my little code DXU057, we both get $75 once you open the account and deposit $1,000 into it; Merry Christmas to us! It’s so fucking good, a bank paying you to use your own money, instead of charging you to access your own money.

Only thing you have to do to get the above is make sure $1,000 a month goes into it, I just have an automatic $500 a fortnight that goes into it and PayWave the shit out of anything under $100 to get the cashback, also then if I caught short for cash can withdraw from any ATM without being charged. I put a screenshot of the app below to show what I’ve made since opening it 3 months ago.

+$280 on the week, account balance +$10738

Cheers Luke

Profit/loss from cricket trading this week


ING Bank savings account is the best
This is the ING Bank app on your phone. It tracks your “rewards & benefits”. As you can see I’ve had $5.30 in ATM fees that they have paid for me and $35.26 of PayWave 2% rebates so far. Totalling $40.56 of payments they have reimbursed into my account for me. I mostly have cash on me so haven’t had a lot of ATM withdrawal reimbursements, but if you don’t lik carrying cash; I reckon savings there would tick up pretty quick. Obviously not huge money but fuck it, $120 a year let’s say for doing nothing more than I would be anyway, plus now we both get an extra $75 each if you join now with my code DXU057, snap, snap! Merry Christmas.

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