They say that “old habits die hard” and I’m a walking, talking example of this. Hands up if you’re like me and learn most lessons the hard way? It’s a shit situation right? On one hand, you have all these motivational quotes saying “don’t give up”, “failure is a step towards success”, all the while, you are getting burnt with these failures and wondering “am I just in denial”? In the gambling world, this can get fucking expensive, fucking quick.

Despite every sane cell in my brain telling me not to; I went back to horse racing this week, what a masochist. I’m fearful of how this chapter ends. Last time; I nearly killed the girlfriend, I had her hiding all the sharp objects in the house and locking the door to the balcony. I’ve basically, never had any success in this cunt of a sport, be it gambling or trading.

Why? I hear you asking. In short, I’ve developed 3 edges which I have been paper testing for the last six weeks. That alone means I’ve certainly come along way since my last foray into this market. I also used very small stakes when flicking over to try with real “moola”. Again, this gave me confidence that I was taking this seriously, last time my over staking was wild. I had a good start to my real money trades and time will tell now how it pans out long-term, fingers crossed, it’s a market I’d like to crack.

Good variance gods were shining brightly out of my ass crack this week. Usually, gamblers, traders, this blog is full of horror stories about how if some “pure cunt” had have just caught the ball everything would have been all right. This week I was on the pants boner side of variance on a number of occasions.

Hail Mary – GB v Det

GB v Det - Hail Mary
That pass and catch netted me $300 extra dollars than I would have got had GB gone on to lose by less than 3, which it looked like they were going to do. Good variance 🙂
King Kohli hits a boundary to win my overs bets
King Kohli also helped me out this week. I had 3 different overs bets on run line bets after 70 overs in their second innings. With one ball left before the time expired, King Kohli drilled a boundary to win 2 bets, was a $400 swing. Good variance.
Good variance when betting on cricket unders in India v South Africa
More good variance! I could afford just 1 run in 18 balls, get in there! Was a big swing for me, had a lot of under 40.5 and 42.5 too, but these half run winners gave me wood. Good variance.
How woman feel when their partners love sport or gambling on sport.
Saw this on Facebook and it was definitely something I can relate to. I try not to let losses be noticeable, but sometimes it’s hard, just thought it was funny and threw it in, haha.

Finally, thanks to everyone thats having a read each week. I have some really filthy things in the pipeline for this blog. I’m pretty excited by what is coming up, will be good fun, should give some clear insight in to what I’m doing on a day to day basis. Stay tuned and if you ever have questions get on to me on Twitter @lukeamac.

+$618 on the week, account balance +$5462

Cheers Luke

Weekly profit and loss from my trading on Betfair and with the corporate bookmakers.

Each trade I made this week in excel spreadsheet.
Each trade-by-trade in Excel sheet. Putting in here because I’m using a mixture of corporates and Betfair now.
Betfair trading on horses pre race.
First night back trading the nags on Betfair. Some small amounts, but really working hard on the consistent little 5-10% gains.

2 thoughts on ““Old habits, something, something”.

  1. Hey mate, keen reader!

    love to have a chat to you about punting sometime. I’m a Young guy at a very similar stage to yourself, could bounce a couple ideas etc… Very least love to pick your brain hear some of your theories etc.
    I’ve attached my email if your interested, no stress either way !

    Keep up good work


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