This week I didn’t break any world records financially. What excited me was the position sizes and control. Some of my best weeks of poker were not the massive money weeks, but actually the times when I played my absolute best poker, it’s rewarding to do that, you achieved what you set out to achieve. Not for one minute suggesting my positions were all perfect this week, but I am saying that I didn’t have any mental positions where 20% of my bankroll was at risk, “grinded it out”.

Not much to report really, will keep this pretty short, focusing most of my energy on cricket now, it’s the sport I am most knowledgeable on and that clearly helps with decisions. Mark Iverson (@markyiverson) tweeted to me after last week saying:

It was very thought provoking for me, I wasn’t really aware just how many matches are televised. With that said, many  have shitty starting times for me; 2am etc. Still, it makes you realise you don’t need to take much out of each game to run up a quality return per year. Throw in some other sports and you have a return.

One exciting thing that happened this week, I commenced working with an old friend of mine on building a cricket database. I’ve always described this friend as the smartest guy I know (book smarts that is, the street smarts have come along way, but still some way to go) and I haven’t met anyone that would take that title from him yet. He used to work for me and I’ll never forget in the interview asking him if he knew 3 different coding languages. He cracked up laughing and replied “I’ve been doing those since I was 12”. He was 17 when we hired him and he took our business to another level. It’s exciting to be working with him again and I’m looking forward to journey and what comes of it for us all.

+$840 on the week, account balance +$4844

Cheers Luke

Profit and loss graph from Betfair Trading

Betfair trades in excel spreadsheet
Weekly trades, I supplied the excel spreadsheet this week as I have started to use the bookmakers when they have better prices. That leaves my Betfair book often out of whack. I’ve been able to use this to my advantage quite successfully in recent times by saving money on commission with exchanges. In the India v SA 3rd test I was able to back for a very big amount at $1.07 on India, while laying $1.06 on exchange. This took my green on India to a red and exchanged the winnings to the bookmaker instead. So in short I still picked up my green + 1% and I paid no commission on this one transaction, saved myself around $20, all adds up I guess.
Betfair cricket trading on India v South Africa
Betfair trade on India v South Africa, before a ball was even bowled, beautiful green. I quickly took this green and played with it for the rest of the test match. It’s quite enjoyable to use the won money to trade with, playing from in front is great.

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