What a bounce back that was after last week. It started with one of my Twitter buddies letting me know that one of the corporates had a big overs in their cricket market. I snapped some up and that gave me some trading green to play around with during the test. A combination of bets with corporates and trades in Betfair left me with a juicy book; India  $3,060, Draw $3,200, South Africa -$115. Considering India and The Draw were $8 and $1.25 respectively when I’d completed my trading, I liked that book a lot.

I played around in some other markets too, I’m learning so much every market I trade. Learning what makes the markets react and what doesn’t, when they react and when they don’t. Most of my learning comes in typical rookie fashion; by burning the fuck out of my fingers. Without a doubt I do it at least once more until it shits me so much that I don’t do it again. I’d imagine I grabbed the hot stove a couple of times as a child, before learning that it really does hurt.

In the last fortnight I’ve started to find more balance in trading and in life. The big hit to the bankroll in that exhibition match certainly made me rethink some things. I took a step back from trading a bunch of sports, focusing mostly on cricket, which is where I see my biggest future. Outside of trading I’ve been focusing on other things in life too. It’s typical of me to be heavily involved in something new and shiny in my life. I do things 110% which is great, but just of late I’m starting to realise that doing things outside of trading are super important to my success on the ladders.

I’ve offered my services at the local Animal Welfare League, which is an animal shelter aimed at re-homing domestic pets. I’ve done volunteering before and found it very rewarding. I love animals so I’m heading down there to help out a couple of times a week. The girlfriend and I have been doing some more things together too, I wouldn’t say we haven’t spent time together but more heading out together rather than chilling and watching TV. Also, I’m meeting with a careers counsellor (didn’t even know they existed) at Griffith Uni to look at potential courses to study. I’ve liked the idea of going to Uni in the past but never known what I might like to do as a career afterwards. Hated the idea of getting half way through a course and thinking “fuck this shit, this isn’t what I want to do”. So apparently there is some tests etc. that can be done to help point you to the best suited courses.

So things are tracking along ok in life and in trading, I know I’m still leaving a bunch of green on the table with my rookie mistakes, but I get the feeling there is only one way to learn in this game and that’s the hard way. This blog and my little “trading bible” are helping without a doubt to be able to document these lessons and I feel like every day and every week I’m progressing. To say the learning curve is steep at the moment is the understatement of the century.

+$3350 on the week, account balance +$4004

Cheers Luke


Betfair trading profit and loss

Betfair cricket trading India v South Africa
India v South Africa cricket book. I used a combination of Betfair and bookmakers prices to get to this result which is why I have displayed it all in a spreadsheet instead of sending my Betfair profit and loss like usual.

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