How would you describe that match? Fucked. What an absolute nightmare, here I am trading a match with some of my greatest childhood hero’s in it and it’s cost me a small fortune. To add insult to injury I’ve gone from loving people like; Hayden, McGrath, Kallis, Tendulkar and Sehwag to hating their guts eternally. All those times the two Indian boys fucked me when watching them dismantle Australia, here is one chance where I’m with you and you let me down, get in the sea you pricks! 8 ticks and I turn a horrid red into a green trade, it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.

What happened and what did I learn? My pre match perception was; “this would be close”. All the talk pre match was about a fix to get the series to 1-1. I wasn’t sure the result would be fixed, but I was confident it would come down to the last over or two. As a result I kept laying, expecting to see even money again. Sadly that didn’t happen and the “Warne’s Warriors Train” crashed to $1.01, taking with it $1,600 of my bankroll. In retrospect, two things; I shouldn’t have traded that match due to my inexperience and I need to be more fluid in my decisions as matches unfold in front of me.

This post is a fortnightly wrap up.  Week 1 was fine, I picked up around $300, including a nice $400 profit from one cricket test between Pakistan and England. Despite my fall in the exhibition match, I’m convinced that cricket is my game. I know the sport more than any other and as a result I will be focusing a lot more on cricket moving forward.

I’ve created a little “trading bible”, it’s just a place where I can document my angles and “golden rules” if you like. I’ve received a ton of help on my journey already. When learning anything; it can be easy for good information to go in one ear and out the other, that’s why I like to write. It gives me a place to refer to if I ever want to brush up on my angles or my skills.

I bit the bullet and dropped some cash. I’ve been holding off from spending some money on a better setup, telling myself “win some decent cash and then you can pay for it out of that”. That sounds great in theory, but realistically, I couldn’t have my laptop overheating and deciding to go into sleep mode without warning. I couldn’t keep dominating the only television set in the house with sport, sport and more sport (the missus was well and truly over it). So I ripped in, I got a new connection of Foxtel, new TV, new Surface Pro and new desk. The early signs are great, I’m enjoying having my own space where I can really just get in the zone without distractions.

$1347 on the fortnight, account balance +$654

Cheers Luke

Betfair trading graph

Fortnightly profit and loss betfair
Just a fortnightly update on my Betfair trading graph.
All star cricket betfair trading
Just a fortnightly update on my Betfair trading graph.
betfair trading setup
Just a fortnightly update on my Betfair trading graph.
new betfair trading office setup
Just a fortnightly update on my Betfair trading graph.

2 thoughts on “Warne’s Warriors Train Wreck.

    1. Hey ajm1966,

      It’s very early days, but at this stage I’m really enjoying it. I guess the fact that it’s reliable is already an upgrade so I was always going to be easily pleased haha.

      But really it’s pretty cool, small, light, but got the specs to run dual screens or one 4k screen if you wanted. So can be dedicated system or unplug and throw under your arm very easy.


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