The last fortnight has been a roller coaster, gladly, I was able to finish the week at the very top of the ride. The issues are well documented in my last few blog pieces, in short, I’m learning a lot, doing a lot right, but I have such a long, long way to go. I’m not the best, I don’t know it all, I am however absorbing all the information and techniques I can.

This story today is a happy one, I just landed my biggest trade to date, fuck it feels good. There is things I could have done better in this trade, but I don’t care, I just want to bask in this joy for a while. Credit where credit’s due, if it wasn’t for my boy @aussieruled who helped me connect with @HansMueller16 & @Relaxer_ I would never have had as much profit as I ended up with, so thanks Aussie!

Saturday arvo, 10 minutes into Netflix and chill with the girl, a tweet comes through that the rain has turned up early in Colombo. I quickly see overs on every major book and swing into action. I end up with about $1.2k on the draw at various prices from $8 – $15. Meanwhile on Betfair the draw is into 9’s from a high of 80’s earlier in the day. Not to push the envelope too far and get caught short I end up removing all but $350 of my red with around a $6k profit now if the draw  comes in. My position at this point was essentially like having $350 on a $20 pop.

In my typical fashion I was sweating the movements, watching the market, learning about the reactions and boy was it incredible to see how certain events made the market react. The hours rolled into sessions and the draw continued to tumble; 8’s, 6’s, 4’s, 3’s, evens! It was incredible to watch as it was growingly increasingly likely that day 4 would be a washout. I let the green run, only once giving back some equity when the market bounced hard from $2.78 < $4.70.

In the end I traded to a slightly uneven book; Sri Lanka – +$2.2k, Draw – +$1.9k, Windies – +$1.8k. I landed Sri Lanka and ended up turning a $6k profit on the draw into a $2.2k profit on the Sri’s with a hedged book, fucking wrapped! What a great feeling to be on a swing like that and be able to make that sort of money in a 24 hour period. I know it’s possible, I’ve see the other boys’ screenshots and profit/loss sheets. Doing it yourself, is completely different from “it happening to a friend of a friend of mine”.

I’m feeling good, I’m motivated, excited at the prospect of trading a sport that I know inside and out. I’m an absolute cricket tragic, I still play indoor cricket on Tuesday’s despite my individual runs O/U each week being “series locked to unders”. I’ve played and watched my whole life, combine that with my increasing knowledge of the markets and it makes for a great upcoming Australian summer.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank the following people, these people are fucking legends, they’ve taken the time to help me in various ways and I am thankful for their time:

@MrUnknownTrader, @DownIsTheNewUp_@Trooa@Tennisratings@SportsTrader33,

@aussieruled@HansMueller16@Relaxer_, @JamesFenn90@OruasCricket,


+$1810 on the week, account balance +$7,572.

Cheers Luke

weekly betfair profit chart

My betfair book for SL v WI
Big spike this week with my first big swing trade, so happy.

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