Just a quick update this week, was a tough week. I ended up with a small profit on the week, which is something to smile about. I started the week out giving up a sizeable loss in NFL market which sucks (just happened again this week also). Starting the week out with a deficit for the first time was a testing time for me.

I had to remove that from my psyche and really focus on making good decisions. Early on in the week I didn’t do that, I let what had happened in the NFL affect my decisions. I kept looking for the “big play” that was going to “get me out of the hole”. I actually gave up 3 $50+ profits that became losses, hoping that they would give me a big win. That hurt me, turning green to red is the worst.

Bunch of bad variance; I certainly had a good chunk of that this week too. It ebbs and flows and it’s important to not lose your head or your cool. It was only 3 or 4 weeks ago that I would have lost my shit and upped the stakes, so I’m proud that I haven’t fallen into that trap this week just gone.

+$110 on the week, account balance $5,762.

Cheers Luke

profit loss chart

betfair profit loss
Picked up around 2% profit from my initial $5,000 starting balance.

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