£100 to £14k Challenge Round 2!

That’s right guys, I’m back with my second attempt at my challenge. I know I fucked up the first one, but this time around I won’t be making the same mistakes again, hopefully.

Slight change of plan from last time; I’m mainly backing now not laying,  this reduces my exposure in the market and helps my frame of mind during the trade.

So far it’s working quite well, I’ve been mainly backing over 2.5, 3.5 and both teams to score. I’m basing my decisions from data I’ve collated on my website thegoalgenerator.com.

Another technique I’ve been using this time around compared to last is; removing liability. So when I’ve backed over 2.5, the moment the first goal comes, I remove my liability leaving a free bet on overs. If I think game is dead I may hedge and take profit, otherwise I let it run depends on how I’m feeling or how much I’ve had to drink, ha!

I was up about £30-40 at one point, but I lost around £14 on one play. I was happy with my decisions and sometimes picks just didn’t work out unfortunately.

So good news; I’m back and I’m on target. Let’s roll onto next week and make some fucking money!

I ended up +£16.74, after first week of challenge, my target was £10.

Bank – £116.74  – P/L – £16.74

Cheers Jamie


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