Blown the Bank!

Blown the Bank!!

Well, sorry it’s been a while since the last update, I’ve only just come off suicide watch.

Last time I wrote a blog post I was a stupid cunt and it didn’t change. I managed to blow my whole bankroll on a silly silly bet (pissed at the time).

I tried a 0-0 scalp on the Boro game, backed it for £150, planned to lay out at a tick less for£75 and then hedge. I needed no goal within the first 3-4 minutes and I’d be home safe… FUCK!!! 2 minutes in and Boro scored!

WOW! I did it again, such an easy way to blow your bank. I know, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have risked my whole bank, no excuses. That’s why I’ve been hiding in the Tora Bora caves with Bin Laden, I needed a break. I’ve come back with another plan of attack.

I’ll be restarting the challenge next week. My new plan is in order and here’s what I’m going to do different:

– Set a limit within Betfair for maximum loss
– Back more than lay (only lay under 3.00)
– Back when there’s value (setting my own true odds based on probability)
– Plan trades the night before to reduce risk of jumping into trades

Well that’s the plan for the challenge lets hope all this fucking about has helped me and I don’t go spunking all the bank up the wall again!

Cheers Jamie

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