Progressing, but another dint to the confidence.

This has not been a good week for the team at Gamble Gambol. My friend and side kick Jamie made one expensive misstep and I turned a winning week into a losing week in one foul day. I’m learning, I’m progressing, I think or is that me in denial? This is the problem, you think you are doing a lot of things right, but then you make these mistakes you’ve made before and you start second guessing yourself.

For me, the most part of the week was actually good. I was cruising along, I was up around $300 or 7% of my starting bank. Great stuff really. But that is really being focused on the results which is not something I’m big on. I like to instead look at the mechanics of the week and break down the plays I made more and how they can be improved. Focusing on process and not outcome.

Looking back over the week, there were problems even on the + $ days. I’ve set myself a bankroll now at the start of this week of $5,000. Off that, I have some maximum exposure limits per play, maximum losses off that exposure per play also. I broke those limits on a number of plays this week. For a reason unknown to me at this stage (could be anomaly or real reason for it) I start my sessions off with a loss, generally a big loss. I’m then scratching to get back for the session. I really need to plug the holes in my game if I’m going to make this what I want it to be. I’ll be listing details below and working profusely this week to fix those issues.

Pretty sure I’m not in denial, I’m making in roads, I’m doing a bunch of good things. I’ve been learning a lot, my skills are better, my knowledge is growing every day. I’ve been working with @adamchernoff on tennis and NFL. The guy has a wealth of knowledge, coming from a bookmaking background. In turn we are both using @Tennisratings (Daniel) spreadsheets which are sent out daily. They give a great profile on the player through statistics. Dan has also offered his assistance to look over some of my trades and help me improve. Very appreciative of that offer and will be taking him up on that this week.

The holes I must plug starting this week are:

  • Read this list before all trading sessions
  • Follow my liability rules strictly – have spreadsheet open
  • All trading at my desk in spare room
  • Thorough research before trading any match
  • More selective in which matches I trade

I’d be lying if I said I’m not disappointed, I am, but I can feel it, I can taste it, it’s so close. I just need to get a few things under control and I can make this happen, I can do this, but nothing good in life comes easy and this is testing me.

-$565 on the week account balance $4,335.

Cheers Luke


Main wallet Betfair trading
Main Wallet trading loss from trading NFL, soccer, WTA tennis.
Australian wallet Betfair trading
Main Wallet trading loss from trading NFL, soccer, WTA tennis.

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