I’m a stupid cunt!

I’m a stupid cunt!

Well, even that’s a stretch because; cunts are useful.

Week 3

Week 3 was going fantastic up until Saturday. My bank was roughly £265 and my most recent play on Chelsea netted me £11. I was above my weekly target and loving life.

I started looking through some of the later fixtures and HSV vs Frankfurt really caught my eye. I ran my numbers and the game met my criteria. Stupidly though, I over staked and layed the draw for £50 ending up with a liability of £135, half my bankroll. Although this is a huge trading no, no, there was some method to my madness. The idea was to trade straight out after an expected early goal and end up with around £20 profit. It sounded fool proof in theory.

WRONG! The game ends up 0-0, how the fuck it ended 0-0, I’ll never know! There was a bunch of near things; hit the bar, keepers saving everything, etc. In the end 0-0 and my arse was sore.


There is lessons to be learned to be learnt from it all. Firstly, I should never have layed 50% of my bank, big lesson (I know this shit,totally my fault should never have happened). Secondly, stick to the plan Jamie you spaka!

I worked so hard last week, built really good profit, only to loose the majority of it in one play. That has really annoyed me.

However, the silver lining is, I’m in week 3 of the challenge and only 30p off the profit I needed to be on target for my end goal.

Hope you enjoyed reading and laughing at me crying into my beers on Saturday night, haha. ON TARGET! LETS DO THIS SHIT

P/L : -£105.11 Bank : £132.80


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