2 Steps Forward 10 Steps Back.

Let’s get something straight; this blog is not about only showing you the good parts. This isn’t a place where I will make you think that it’s all rainbows and lollipops, only showing winning trades etc. When shit fucks up, I will be the first to put my hand up and admit it. How else can you improve?

I’m such a prick to myself, I know I shouldn’t be doing what I do, but I do it. The man, the myth the legend, Caan Berry often talks about your mental state and how important it is to trading. I know that for the most part my mind is made for this stuff, but then there is those moments in the heat of the battle where I lose my fucking shit. I start over staking, I let my losses run too far, I don’t wait for the right entry points, I start guessing, I lose patience. There is tons to work on, I have to stop these things, I know I do, for god’s sake, Luke, stop, fucking, doing, these, things!

Luckily, I’ve been getting away with it. This gives me the chance to learn my lesson without having lost my money. I’ve tried telling myself to “stop doing those things”, but that’s simply not working. So, I’m going to take a leaf out of my good mate Jamie’s play book and set aside an actual trading balance. Along with that will come strict rules on my maximum liability per trade. These rules should help me remain in control and in-check in the heat of the battle.

+38 or so again, but these poor decisions are going to catch up with me if I don’t pull it together real quickly.

Cheers Luke


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