Game changer, needed that!

Sport and life aren’t aren’t that different, sometimes you just need that one point to turn it all around. You need yourself a game changer. For me it was some time away from all I had learnt in the last 2 or 3 months. I had crammed all this information in and hadn’t taken some time to process it and calculate the most appropriate steps to my own success. Instead I was copying a little from here, borrowing a little from there, half doing this, half doing that, stopping that, starting this, I was an erratic fucking mess. Stop. Put down the mouse. Think.

Whilst on my sabbatical,  I realised a couple of really important things; firstly, I don’t have to master horse racing like the great Caan Berry and others before him. Although for many this is the ‘holy grail’ of trading, it’s not for me, yet, anyway. Secondly; I love sport, like, I really love sport, all sport. So why not focus my attention in this space? I now have the chance to turn my incredible consumption of sport into a production of money while doing it? Haha. the wife will never be able to go crook at me for watching a sport again, fucking oath! Lastly; I need to have a much more defined concept of my edges, entry/exit points, targets & testing against historical data.

With that in mind, I’ve embarked on defining my edges in each sport, focusing on; cricket, tennis, NFL, AFL & Rugby League. Included in that definition will be finding those compression entry points in each market along with the exit after that ‘gunpowder like’ explosion. The target is an interesting/dangerous one. I’m sure there is many people that will say having targets for trading is not a good idea. I know in a poker session a ‘target’ is a big no, no. In poker the focus is more around making good decisions in the heat of the battle. The moment you are no longer doing that it’s time to stop playing. However, I still have in my mind what I would consider to be an appropriate win in the game I’m playing depending on some factors; i.e. game size, player styles, starting investment. For that reason, I have decided to start building some of those thoughts into my trading. Historical testing of your angles and edges is self explanatory and a no brainer; how do you know if it’s profitable if you haven’t tested it against a big data sample?

So, how is it all going Luke? Better, much better, I’ve actually still lost a little bit of money, but I’m not concerned, for the first time since starting, I’m now entering the market at the right time more than the wrong time. First time that has happened since learning about this concept. Now to tidy up a few other issues, set some goals and as my black rap friends say; “GET THE SHIT POPPIN”!

Cheers Luke

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