£100 to £14K Challenge

No, I’m not completely mad! I’m embarking on a bankroll challenge! My names Jamie, the newest (and best) blogger on this site 🙂

I’m aiming to grow my bank by 10% each week. I’ll be using 2-5% stakes while my bank is so small, once I’m over £500 il be using 1% stakes.

I started this two weeks ago, I must say it’s going according to plan sort of, ha. The first week I did I was trading the 4 legged fuckers, the horses (word of warning; if you don’t like swearing, this ain’t the blog for you).

Week One

I made my intial £11 in a week, but fuck me was it hard work. I was using a well known strategy; Back To Lay. It was working most of time but, then the gods started taking the piss!

Horses were falling out the stalls and fucking my plans up. Ideally in this game you want a front runner with a good chance of winning and If they fall out the stalls, well, you’re pretty much fucked!

Front runners weren’t, because they had bags of shite riding them. The pricks were as much use as a chocolate fireguard. But, that’s racing and why I’ve stopped.

I had made more, but I blew some on sports book, that won’t happen again. I’m keeping my trading bank separate to any punting.

Summary P/L :£11 Bank : £110

profit week 1

Week Two

I went back to basics; trading sport Football. I smashed football trading last week and there is little doubt I understand the game much better than I do the ponies. Right now, it’s Sunday morning and I’m up £52 this week with a couple of trades planned today. Happy days!

I’ve been using a few methods im comfortable with; laying the draw, correct score & over/under goals.

Got very lucky on Saturday, I ‘LTD’ (lay the draw) on Man City game and they scored in 89th min but hey sometimes you get that luck.

I’ve made £148.87 on football so far this week. I also fucked up trying other sports and ended up with a overall profit of £129.64

P/L : £129.64 Bank : £237.91

profit week 2

Below is my trading target, small sample but I’m well ahead of this weeks target.

trading target

I’ll be writing this up weekly. Hope you enjoyed! I’ll try to keep my swearing to minimum, actually, fuck that, I’ll be swearing a lot.

Cheers Jamie.

3 thoughts on “£100 to £14K Challenge

    1. This was a guest blogger who wasn’t ready at the time to make trading happen. He’s since continued down his journey and is kicking some goals but a lot slower and less pressure on himself.


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