Money lost, nothing lost. Confidence lost, everything lost.

It was always going to happen, after my horror night another one right after, just testing how well I had really learnt my lesson. Sadly, on the results front, there is little positivity to report from last night’s session of trading. I dropped another $300 sending my bankroll into the red for the first time, eh!

I’d be lying if I said, the day before didn’t rattle me somewhat. My confidence copped a beat up and during my research for the days racing I had made some less than profitable adjustments to my selection process. This all happened in my subconscious, I certainly didn’t set out to fuck up my selections for the day. My mindset being just off had a dramatically bad effect on the results.

Despite the results, there was some positives to draw on from the session. I didn’t up my units and try to chase the losses. In fact, I stopped midway through the day of racing identifying that there was something fundamentally wrong with what was happening. Races were not panning out how I thought they would, my plays weren’t close and I was way off the mark.

If you are doing this on your own, you are doing it wrong. There is a really strong community on social media, forums, etc., get involved, get support and be supported. I did just that, chatting through some points with ‘ma boyyyzzz’ @muller234 & @back2layhorses. Those moments of clarity with them, speaking objectively rather than subjectively have given the three of us things to work on going forward.

Cheers Luke

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